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About Dan Cuprill, CFP©

Dan is a Certified Financial Planner (TM) and president of Money & Clarity, a fee based financial advisory firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition, Dan is the founder of Advisor Architect, a systems implementation firm dedicated to helping financial advisors and attorneys maximize their profitability and personal freedom through the implementation of 11 distinct systems.

Dan is also the author of six books, the host of the Profitable Advisor Podcast, and writer of the Profitable Advisor Newsletter. Although his firm is in Ohio, his systems-oriented approach to business enables him to live 300 miles away in Franklin, TN.

By helping them implement the same systems and practices he uses in his own firm, Dan has personally helped over 100 financial advisors and attorneys around the country achieve record growth and profit.

Click below to download a copy of The Profitable Advisor Magazine and read the success stories of four of these advisors.

Click here to listen to The Profitable Advisor Podcast, hosted by Dan.

Books written by Dan:

Renegade Advisor

Advisor Architect

Advisor Voodoo

The Reluctant Advisor


Retirement Rescue

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